It’s often joked about that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the Wild West of investments and finance. And there is no denying that there are many shady corners in this now rapidly developing market. Decentralized Finance is of course no exception to all of this. While certainly revolutionary and groundbreaking, the DeFi space certainly packs a lot of punch behind all the praise it might be receiving.

What’s All the Fuss About?

Smart contracts on the blockchain allow currency competition to flourish under the standards of decentralization, trustlessness and immutability. And with the ability to have tokens and decentralized Apps under the same ecosystem, anyone can…

There’s no denying that the cryptocurrency space has been booming as a whole. And more recently, Decentralized Finance keeps stealing the spotlight. All metrics indicate that DeFi keeps growing at an ever-increasing pace through the last few months. More and more capital keeps flowing towards decentralized apps and the usage keeps increasing.

Binance Smart Chain sits at the center of this spotlight, boasting ever-increasing numbers of transactions and record-breaking value being transacted inside its system; now being among the first DeFi supporting blockchains. And developers have been losing no time seizing the opportunity to jump into this seemingly booming ecosystem…

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system responsible for matching domain names with IP addresses. Essentially, when you type a domain in the address bar of your web browser, the Operating System works under the hood to forward the request to the DNS resolver of the OS, which in turn forwards the request all the way up to a name server that will resolve the name into an IP address.

The issue with these servers is that as with almost anything on the internet, they can be compromised. Usually the administrators of DNS servers will do their best to…

Meerkat Finance Banner

The rise of the Decentralized Finance space on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been wild. Compatibility with Ethereum’s smart contracts and cheap transactions are proving to be very popular with both developers and users. A vast ecosystem of projects are currently doing their best to compete with each other and capture the hype of the ever increasing number of users flooding the new blockchain. New platforms appear every day with some seeing near-instant success and raising millions on launch, whilst others struggle to see the light of day.

Given how easy it is to fork any open-source project, several…


Doing things with Smart Contracts, usually.

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